Time taken | 6 – 15 hours

The winter months can take their toll on your vehicle's exterior and interior. At least 3 months of the winter elements including freezing conditions, rain, sleet, snow and road salt. This is definitely the season when your vehicle needs the most protection inside and out. Like ourselves in the summer, we need protection against the sun, in the same way our cars do in the winter. As well as the paintwork being under attack from the elements, your interior also takes a battering too. As the nights draw in, the temperature drops quickly resulting in interior condensation. Then when you drive your car the following day it then receives the total opposite - heat (and lots of it) due to the heater being on high. This can cause your leather to dry out and prematurely age, even more so if your seats are heated. Our winter detail will also make your vehicle easier to keep clean because cleaning your car is not so regular in the colder climate. We recommend selecting the glass protection option for this package due to the cold, damp and freezing conditions to ensure better visibility.

- 15 stage wash using 2 bucket method
- Wheel arches cleaned
- Wheels cleaned using alloy wheel cleaner
- Clay mitt used to remove bonded contaminates from paintwork (inc door shuts)
- Paintwork prepped with a pre-wax cleanser to support wax/sealant bonding
- Pre-selected extra durable wax/sealant is applied
- Door shuts waxed for added protection in these winter months
- Wheels sealed to prevent excessive brake dust and road salt
- Interior cleaned and vacuumed
- Interior plastics dressed to finish of your choice
- Leather upholstery cleaned, conditioned and fed
- Door seals and rubbers cleaned and protected
- Interior glass cleaned
- Tyres cleaned and dressed with a long lasting tyre gel
- Exterior plastics dressed
- Stainless steel/chrome cleaned and polished
- Screen wash checked
- Final inspection to make sure your car meets our high standards

Small: Prices from £225

Medium: Prices from £275

Large: Prices from £325

XL/4x4: Prices from £365

*10% deposit will be required on booking.

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