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Why people use a cheap detailing service

The dreaded brush car wash

5 pound car washI have driven past the £5.00 car wash places and saw the cars queued out onto the road, some of which were new cars from expensive marquees, and thought to myself what are they doing, do they not know the damage these places do to their paint, why do they care so little about their car, why do they not see value in quality etc. etc.?  Then it hit me these people fall into two groups, the ignorant and the don’t care.  Let’s look at these groups their motivation and why it’s flawed, if you are one of these people I hope this educates you as I would like to show you why you are being penny wise and pound foolish.

These cheap car washes are cheap for a reason, bear in mind you get what you pay for.  Time is money and they operate on the quantity versus quality business model, it’s in their interests to get as many cars through as possible.  The products they use are cheap and low quality, the labour is also cheap in order to maximize profits, as you drive in your car is sprayed with a caustic solution to remove as much dirt as quickly as possible.  This is harmful to your cars paint, it will remove any last step protection (LSP) that has been applied, dull the shine on the paint and dull the finish on any chrome trim.  I have saw them washing multiple cars from a single barrel of wash solution using a sponge and drying with a chamois, and if it drops on the ground they don’t get paid enough to care.  These people do not understand the basics and don’t have time to care.

Quality products and equipment cost money, Passion Detailing has invested in the best modern polishing machines and accessories.  There has been a major advancement in the science behind the products, coatings and polishes in the last number of years and we use the best available.  The wash products we use are gentle and will work in conjunction with your applied coating and will not strip of your LSP be that a wax, sealant or ceramic coating.  We use a microfiber wash mitt along with grit guards to trap any solids at the bottom of the bucket when carrying out a safe wash.  Drying your paint after washing can cause micro marring due to the poor lubrication properties of water and grit that may blow onto the paint.  We use the best quality microfiber drying towels to do the job.Heavy scratches and swirls

People use car washes, detailers and valeters to clean their cars for them as they don’t have the time, products or skill to do it properly themselves.  Having your car professionally detailed is an investment as your car will look better and be more desirable over a neglected one at sale time, it will also achieve a better sale price.  So if you own a new car or one that is in exceptional condition why risk having the paint finish damaged by harsh products or incorrect wash technique for the short term gain of saving a few pounds?  The other group can be summed up by like this.  I had a conversation about detailing and valeting with a ‘non car guy’ his sole motivation in selecting a car wash was to have no dirt on the car, he didn’t care about the finish or how they arrived at the end stage so long as it was cheap.  You can’t change that mindset.  But I hope by education I can show you that it’s a false economy to take the cheapest option.

Passion Detailing is a mobile car detailing business we will come to you to take care of your car care tasks.  If you would like to discuss your requirements further please get in touch via email or telephone the details are at the top of the page or complete the contact form.  We are located in Magherafelt and cover the Mid Ulster area of N Ireland.

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