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What is paint correction

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When people talk about detailing they inevitably talk about paint correction but most people don’t really know what true paint correction is or what is achievable and the time scale needed to deliver it.  Detailing means different things too different people so get educated in the correct detailing processes so you know what questions to ask during the consultation with your detailer and conversely what to expect from the service you choose in return.

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What is paint correction?

Paint correction is the art of refining the surface of the paint with abrasive polishes thereby removing the surface contaminants to produce a flawless finish.  Paint correction should be seen as an investment in your car as it improves its appearance, resale value and desirability.  Over time your paint will become dull due to fine surface marring and other surface contaminants e.g. acid rain, industrial fallout, tree sap, tar, brake dust, water spots, bird etching etc.  Paint correction sometimes called machine polishing is the process used to remove these and produce a flawless finish.

The act of polishing by hand, dual action or rotary polisher with a compound containing abrasive particles will remove a microscopic amount of clear coat (paint).  Passion Detailing use the best equipment products and processes to remove these contaminants and achieve unbelievable results and make your paint look as good as new.  What we are not talking about here is masking defects with filler heavy products e.g. glazes, sealants, waxes or compounds.  Yes compound contains fillers and oils and will hide defects so need to be removed with a panel wipe in order to properly inspect the paint after machine polishing.


Paint defects (these are discussed in another article feel free to have a read), can be removed safely by machine polishing, this will restore dull faded paint back to its original state.  Starting with a compound to remove the heavy contamination first Passion Detailing use varying grades of compound depending on the defects that need to be removed.  The compound contains abrasive particles that remove a small amount of paint lowering the depth of the surface so the contamination is not present.  We then move on to a polish to refine the paint and give it gloss, as the compound has larger abrasive particles it will induce a small amount of hazing and possibly buffer trails, the finishing polish we use will jewel the surface and leave the best possible finish and optical clarity possible.  Sometimes deep scratches cannot be removed due to their depth or location, Passion Detailing can minimize and reduce their appearance with advanced polisher techniques so these will not be as visible.

At Passion Detailing we measure paint thickness over the entire vehicle before any machine correction takes place.  The removal of 2 to 3 microns of paint out of an average depth of 110 to 140 microns will remove swirl marks, mild scratches, bird stains, buffer marks etc. and achieve great results.


Paint correction is the ultimate form of detailing and is an investment in your cars appearance and resale value.  Passion Detailing have the processes and modern equipment needed to make this a reality and produce a flawless finish on your vehicle.  We are a mobile detailing business and are happy to discuss your car care requirements so get in touch via the contact form email info@nidetailing or call now for information or a quote.  We are located in Magherafelt and cover the Mid Ulster area of N Ireland.

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