What is a Quartz Coating?

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2nd August 2017
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2nd August 2017
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What is a Quartz Coating?

What is a quartz coating?

Quartz coatings are the new kid on the block as far as car detailing products go, they are the new Last Step Product (LSP) and offer great paint protection.  We have had automotive waxes with us for 100 + years, whereas these new coatings have been around for the last 10 or so.  They are derived from silicone and have previously been used in the electronics industry.  During the manufacturing process the silicone is blended with solvents, this allows the product to remain as a liquid so we can spread it over the vehicles surface.  When the solvent evaporates it leaves the hardened silicone behind, the coating can now be measured in terms of thickness up to 1 micron, and hardness up to 9H on the Mohs scale.

What can a Ceramic Coating do?

As the coating is hard, in some cases several times harder than automotive paint it will resist swirls and hazing from improper wash technique.  It will also resist damage from bird bombs and other environmental damage, quartz coatings are resistant to chemicals, bird poo contains ammonia that would otherwise etch or stain your paint.  It achieves this because it is made up of very small molecules that bond tightly together forming the new surface of the paint.

What does this mean for me?

At the end of the day we want our cars to look their best.  A ceramic coating will give your car a superior shine to any wax or sealant, it will last considerably longer and be easier to maintain.  Quartz coatings produce an extremely glassy shine, they are very hydrophobic (they repel water), dirt doesn’t stick to quartz coatings as quickly as to a wax and it is easier to wash off.  As the coating is chemical resistant it will stand up better to the wash product and can be washed more frequently without fear of damaging the coating.



Quartz coatings offer a long lasting shine, in some cases up to several years, they are chemical resistant and repel dirt.  Due to the thickness and hardness of the coating they can also resist swirls and hazing from improper wash technique and other environmental factors.  What’s not to like?  Protect your investment in your cars paint and increase its resale value by having a ceramic coating applied to your car.

N.B. These coatings should only be applied by a competant detailer, before applying the coating you need proper paint correction as once the coating has been applied it will lock in what ever is underneath.

Did we also mention you can apply quartz coatings to your glass, tyres and interior etc. providing months of protection?  Call or email us now for a free quote we are a mobile detailing business in Magherafelt covering the mid Ulster area of N Ireland.

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