BMW E60 530d M Sport Carbon Black

Silver Detail

Time taken | 30 – 40 hours (5 days booking)

Designed for vehicles with severe paint defects. Mainly caused by poor hand washing techniques or automated car washes, these leave your vehicle covered in heavy swirl marks and scratches leaving it looking dull with very little depth of colour. Other defects that can be removed with this process are light car park scrapes, water marks and bird dropping stains. The darker the colour of your vehicle, the more noticeable these defects will be. Although lighter colours will not show damage as much as a darker colour, the defects are still there. The vehicle will require a 2 stage paint correction (dependant on colour and density of clear coat), the first stage is with a light cutting compound (darker colours will require a heavy cut compound first) to remove visable surface defects this will take all paint surface back to a level where no defects are visable apart from some machining marks. The last stage of machine polishing is to remove any visable machine marks from the previous stage of correction and will ensure maximum gloss finish. The process will remove a very small percentage of the top layer of clear coat on the vehicle in order to reveal a fresh layer of unmarked paint beneath and would usually take between 20 and 30 hours of machine polishing alone and would achieve 85% correction and will clearly bring your vehicles paintwork back to an exceptional condition. Recommended as a yearly or one-off treatment.

- 15 stage wash using 2 bucket method
- Wheel arches cleaned
- Wheels cleaned using alloy wheel cleaner
- Clay mitt used to remove bonded contaminates from paintwork (inc door shuts)
- Vehicle re-washed and dried
- Paint depth readings taken (also shows accident/paint repairs)
- 2 stage paint correction completed
- Vehicle wiped down with a isopropal alcohol (panel wipe) to make sure surfaces are clean
- Pre-selected wax/sealant is applied
- Door shuts waxed for added protection
- Interior given a 'courtesy once-over'
- Door seals and rubbers cleaned and protected
- Interior glass cleaned
- Exterior glass cleaned
- Tyres cleaned and dressed with a long lasting tyre gel
- Exterior plastics dressed
- Paintwork checked with 3M sunlight and 2 other light sources
- Final inspection to make sure your car meets our high standards

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