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Orange Peel

Have you ever looked at a car and thought that paint looks glossy, then only when you catch a reflection of a straight edge you notice there are more craters in it than the back of the moon?  This is orange peel, it’s unsightly and detracts from an otherwise great finish.

Orange peel is a paint finish resembling the surface of an orange and is caused by incorrect spraying in the factory, BMW paint is pretty bad for it.  It’s one of or a combination of the following, the wrong nozzle being used, low air pressure, quick evaporation of thinners, too much paint or not spraying at the perpendicular.

It’s easy enough to spot this particular type of defect, but when you are checking paint step back the tendency is to get as close as possible and eye ball it.  Have a look at the reflection in the paint this should help you to spot areas that are not as glossy or ripples in the body these will tell you that something is going on underneath.  Colour is subjective and not everyone will be able to spot subtle changes.

The only way to correct orange peel is to wet sand it.  It can’t be machine polished out with a dual action or rotary as some will tell you, this is because the soft foam pad conforms to the shape of the paint and polishes the peaks and trough of the orange peel, resulting in shiny orange peel.  Machine polishing in this way will remove a uniform amount of clear coat from the peaks and troughs.  Correctly wet sanding will remove clear coat from the tops of the peaks only, however this is an extremely time consuming and skilled process, done right it will remove only a small amount of clear coat and give you the best finish possible.

So do you live with the orange peel or do you find a professional who can remove it for you?   Well this is up tou you and would depend on your lifestyle and what you plan to use the car for.  If you absolutely need the best finish possible then go for a wet sand multi stage machine polish and a ceramic coating.  This would represent the ultimate in detailing and paint correction and will leave your car looking its best for many years.

Passion Detailing is a mobile detailing business we would be happy to quote for wet sanding and paint correction work.  Please get in touch to discuss you detailing needs we are happy to advise and assist with your issues.  We are located outside Magherafelt and service the wider Mid Ulster area of N Ireland.

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