Not Everyone Can Wash A Car!

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2nd August 2017
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2nd August 2017
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Not Everyone Can Wash A Car!

Do not assume everyone knows how to correctly wash and care for your car, incorrect choice of products coupled with poor technique and knowledge can cause catastrophic damage to your paint coating, so don’t trust just anyone to wash your car.

Dealership based valeters are no better that the carwash round the corner, without being condescending they tend to be low payed and have to work to tight schedules. How much care do you think your car will get from them?  Also this is a cost to the dealership so they will not be spending lots of money on the best products more than likely its going to be very cheap and cheerful.
These are a few images of a BMW approximately 2 weeks after being coated with Gtechniq C1 and EXO.


The dealership has maintained that they only used a ph neutral was and wax product, this says a few things to me.
1. The valeter did not know that the paint was in very good condition and did not need a wash and wax.
2. A harsh product has been used as you can clearly see the damage to the coating.
3. The product has been allowed to dry onto the paint, as the water evaporates it leaves behind a concentrated product that damages the surface.
4. The valeter/dealership did not see the damage or check the car before handing it over, or they thought they wouldn’t say anything.
What ever happened it’s a lesson learned, it was able to be polished of an coated again at the dealers expense. Don’t get caught out again download and use the ‘do not was sign’.


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