Luxury Valet


Luxury Valet

Time taken | 3 - 8 hours

The ultimate valet, cleaned and protected. This is a very thorough and long lasting treatment, ideally as a one off or bi-yearly treatment. This valet consists of a 21 step process which includes bodywork deep clean, interior vacuumed, cleaned and protected, glassed cleaned inside and out, paintwork is protected with pre-selected wax/sealant and much more.

- Vehicle rinsed to remove any loose contamination
- Lower third sprayed with a non-caustic traffic film remover and then rinsed
- Panel gaps and badges cleaned
- All door shuts, hinges and surrounds pre sprayed and cleaned
- Wheels cleaned with alloy wheel cleaner
- Wheel arches washed
- Washed with a PH neutral shampoo using 2 bucket method
- Vehicle rinsed once again to remove shampoo
- Towel dry residue water
- Interior vacuumed
- Interior dusted
- Dash and door cards treated and protected to the finish of your choice
- Any litter removed
- Glass cleaned outside
- Glass cleaned inside
- Carlack 68 long life sealant is applied
- Sealant removed to leave long lasting protection
- Exterior plastics treated
- Layer of detailing spray applied
- Final inspection to make sure your car meets our high standards

Prices from: £100

*10% deposit will be required on booking.

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