How to maintain microfiber towels

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9th March 2018
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How to maintain microfiber towels

microfiber towel

Microfiber towels are the mainstay of the car care industry, everyone from the high end pro detailer to the person looking after their daily driver at the weekend to the house wife uses microfiber towels.  Good quality towels are expensive and it’s important to care for them correctly so you can prolong their life as much as possible.

The first thing you should do before you use your new towels is remove the label, if you are going to be wiping paint this needs to come off as it is hard and can scratch the paint.

microfiber towelSecondly take care where you store the towels, microfiber attracts every piece of dirt and lint about.  I keep mine in a large plastic storage container separate from any terry towels.

Wash your towels in a cool wash cycle with minimum detergent, no bleach or fabric softener as these will eliminate the electric charge that makes microfiber effective.  When the dirt falls out of the cloth and into the water in the washing machine, the chemicals in the detergent hold onto that dirt and bring it down the drain. Without detergent to suspend the dirt, it would fall back and sticks to the cloth again.

If your towels are older and not performing as well add some white vinegar to the rinse drawer at the start of the wash cycle this helps to rejuvenate them.

As the microfiber towels contain polyester care needs to be taken when drying them, do not tumble dry on a high heat as this will melt the fibres, you may not be able to see a difference but the performance of the towel will be degraded .  I prefer to air mine dry and err on the side of caution.

microfiber towelNothing difficult here just remember no bleach no fabric softener and use as little detergent as possible, you want one that doesn’t contain softeners or perfumes and rinses clean.

If you would like to get in touch to discuss your car care requirements please call or email, the details are at the top of the page or complete the contact form.  Passion Detailing is a mobile detailing business based in Magherafelt and covers the Mid Ulster area of N Ireland.

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