How to get the Perfect Shine

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How to get the Perfect Shine

BMW E60 530d M Sport Carbon Black

People often ask “how do I get the perfect shine”?  In order to answer that question it’s necessary to understand the difference between gloss and shine as most people will mix the two up.  Everyone who enjoys cars wants to make their car look as perfect as it can be but unless you have prepared the surface correctly you could be wasting your time.

What’s the difference between gloss and shine?  Paint can be glossy but still have surface defects e.g. orange peel and Random Deep Scratches (RDS), shine on the other hand is a perfectly flat shiny surface free of defects.

To get the perfect shine it’s necessary to start with the detailing basics, everything needs to be done correctly, by that I mean washed correctly, paying attention to panel gaps trim and badges, you also need to remove any previous polish, sealant or wax.  The rubber needs to be cleaned and any green mould removed.

The paint then needs to be properly decontaminated removing all fallout, tar and any other bonded surface contaminants.  Only once this has been done can you then start to polish the paint.  Which gives the better finish machine correction or hand polishing? obviously machine correction will give you the better finish, however not everyone can machine polish paint.  You only have to look at some of the cars you pass on the road that are covered in holograms and buffer trails.  At Passion Detailing we have been trained to master detailer standard by Kelly Harris of KDS one of the top detailers in the world.  We can take care of your car and have it looking as good as it did when it left the showroom.

The reason paint looks dull is because of swirl marks and oxidation.  These rob the paint of shine and make it look terrible in direct sun light.  The only way to get rid of these permanently is to machine polish the paint.  Passion Detailing is able to wet sand and machine polish your car, we can carry out paint correction to an extremely high level to ensure your car looks its best.  We have a deep knowledge of the paint correction process and what polish and pad type to select in order to achieve the very best results every time.

Machine correction is the fastest way to remove these below surface defects and polish the paint, there is no way that a human can polish as fast and as long as a machine can.  The finish you get from machine correction is the very best.  However it needs to be done correctly, it is more involved than just reaching for a bottle of polish and a pad.  You need to know the correct combination to use and be wary of how much clear coat you are removing.  After all you the owner may be hoping to enjoy your car for many years. 

What we haven’t spoken about is what Last Step Protection (LSP) product to use.  Really the only way to go now is with a ceramic coating as it will give the best possible shine and out last and out perform traditional waxes and sealants.

If you would like to discuss your car care requirements please get in touch, our phone number and email address are at the top of the page, or if you prefer complete the contact form.  Passion Detailing is a mobile valeting and detailing business covering the Magherafelt area of N. Ireland.

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