How to detail wheels and tires

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How to detail wheels and tires

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I’m sure you have noticed brake dust on your allow wheels it looks bad and if you allow it to stay there it will eat into the coating and pit the metal.  Brake dust is highly corrosive, it is made up of metal particles from the brake discs, carbon fibres and adhesive from the pads.  As you probably drive regularly the brake dust is going to accumulate and cause more damage to the alloys unless it is cleaned of.

alloy wheelStart by washing the wheels, tires and wheel arch area.  These tend to be the dirtiest, if you clean them first before washing the rest of the car then you won’t spray wheel cleaner or splash dirt onto an already clean panel.  It is important to chose a wheel cleaner that is safe for your type of alloy wheels, stay away from harsh caustic based products.  Wash your car in the shade and detail one wheel at a time to avoid the product drying out and possibly staining a wheel.  Keep a separate wash mitt and wheel brushes just to be used on the wheels as you don’t want to transfer brake dust to the rest of the car.  If you haven’t detailed your wheels in a long time and the brake dust is caked on consider using ironx gel, this would be the last resort to shift stubborn contamination.  Remember to clean the tires and wheel arch area.  It’s important to remove mud from the inside of the arches as when it gets damp it will hold water and possibly lead to corrosion.  Rinse thoroughly with a strong jet of water before moving on to the next wheel.

alloy wheelRemember to dry your wheels as well when you have finished, this will stop water spots from forming and get rid of every last trace of brake dust.  N.B. do not use any towels or other accessories you use on the wheels on the rest of the car.

After you have the car washed and dried remember to protect the tires and alloys.  Rubber tires will dry out go brown and crack especially if they have been washed incorrectly with caustic degreasers or have never been dressed.  Tires contain among other things UV absorbers, you should aim to dress them with a good quality dressing so they stay black and protected.

alloy wheelAlloy wheels can be polished in the same way as painted panels and can also be dressed with a wax sealant or ceramic coating.  A good quality coating will leave your alloys looking great and also stay cleaner as brake dust washes of easier.  Just remember to remove any tar and other contaminants and clay the wheels first.

So there you go it’s easy to detail your wheels and tires and keep them looking great and easier to clean.  Remember to never use the wash accessories you keep for your wheels on the body work of your car.  If you need help selecting the best quality dressings and cleaners give us a call we are more than happy to help.  Passion Detailing is a mobile detailing and valeting business based in Magherafelt covering the Mid Ulster are of N Ireland.  If you would like to discuss your car care requirements please either call or email the details are at the top of the page or fill out the contact form.

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