How to Clean Glass and Apply Gtechniq G1/G2

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2nd August 2017
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2nd August 2017
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How to Clean Glass and Apply Gtechniq G1/G2

You spend more time looking out through your front windscreen than you do at any other part of your car, and while not being part of your cars safety system it is important to maintain good all round vision in all weather conditions. This product (Gtechniq G1/G2) will vastly improve your wet weather vision and make ice and insects easier to remove.

What do I Need?
The only real way to clean your glass properly is to polish it, but first it needs to be clean. Always start clean, thoroughly wash and dry the car, we are going to polish the glass and do not want to pick up any dirt or grit and possibly transfer it to the paint and cause scratches or swirls. Glass is pretty hard so don’t worry about causing damage to it with polishing.

Tools needed
• Polish
• Microfiber clothes
• Ammonia free window cleaner
• G1/G2 (Gtechniq Smart Glass)

Use whatever polish you have at hand there is no need to go out and buy anything special as it all does the same job here, namely removing the traffic film that is on your glass, just make sure it is a medium to rough compound. Apply a small amount to an old microfiber cloth and start polishing, remember to get into the corners. There is no requirement to let the polish dry, so just buff it off. Next use your glass cleaner to remove any oils left behind by the polish, don’t forget to roll down the window and clean the top.

Ensure you are working in a well ventilated area and consult the tech data and MDF for instruction on applying the product in different temperatures. Basically the product is applied to the screen allowed to cure and then buffed off later using the other product. It will last for approx. 30,000 miles and at speeds in excess of 45 mph you do not have to use your wipers to clear rain from your windscreen as it runs off on its own. Apply G1 using the applicator pad provided, three coatings are recommended on the front screen and one for the side and rear windows. When the product has cured you will see an opaque film, you can now begin to buff off with G2 and a lint free cloth.

This is a vast improvement with rain beading and blowing of the screen and not sitting pooled, it improves overall vision, wet weather driving and the life of your wiper blades, it also leaves snow and ice easier to clear off.

See for yourself –

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