How To Care For Your Car’s Paint

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30th November 2017
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15th December 2017
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How To Care For Your Car’s Paint

What are the best car care products to ‘wash and wax’ your car with?  I’m going to try and point you in the right direction as regards quality affordable products.

The best products

First up we should define the criteria for best car care products, the product needs to produce results and also be affordable.  Manufactures and shops are pushing an ever increasing range of products at the consumer, online forums are full of people trying to sound clever using all sorts of technical jargon.  These people will regurgitate information which is taken as gospel and the accepted way to do something or the product to use for a task possibly without knowing why it’s being done that way or indeed if it should be.  I will post links at the bottom to online retailers I use but feel free to shop around.

Car Washing

The simplest method for this is to get someone else to do it for you, preferably Passion Detailing or failing that another quality detailer.  However a lot of people chose to go to the £5.00 car wash brigade, if you’re one of them look around you next time.  Do they use fresh water/wash solution for every customer, do they spray on a chemical pre wash, do they use a sponge/chamois, do they wear hard scratchy clothes with metal buckles, belts and zips and does it take 10 minutes to complete?  If the answer is yes then they aren’t be looking after your car.

If you wash your own car I recommend the two bucket method, this is not strictly necessary in summer as cars don’t get as dirty but a must in winter.  Get a couple of builder’s buckets nothing fancy it just needs to hold water and a couple of grit guards.  You need to be using a good microfiber or lamb’s wool wash mitt, Gtechniq’s mitt will outlast a lamb’s wool mitt.  Use an older cheaper mitt for the sills, wheel and arch areas.  I also recommend their Gwash product, it is very concentrated lasts a long time and has plenty of lubrication.  Gyeon Bathe+ is another great product, it contains polymers that add gloss as you wash.


When we talk about protecting paint most people think of wax, wax has been about for as long as cars have but is it the best product?  Wax also contains oils among other things so if your paint is swirled and scratched it will cover these.  Wax will wear off quickly, depending on the temperature the wax will last about 4 – 8 weeks.  I don’t want to burst your bubble but it’s all the same, a £1000 pot of wax is as good as a £30 pot, try R222.

Collinite Insulator Wax is a synthetic wax, it contains fillers and will leave a long lasting shine and protection lasting a good 6 months.  Remember to get the best possible performance from these products you will need to properly prepare the surface, it will need to be decontaminated and polished to allow the wax or sealant to bond well and give a good glossy shine.

For maintenance products you might want to try C2v3 from Gtechniq, it’s a sealant but contains no fillers and can also be used as a drying aid, it’s a simple wipe on wipe off product that can be used on glass, trim and paint.  Wetcoat from Gyeon is a great product, spray onto a washed car and rinse of, it leaves a glossy hydrophobic finish on all surfaces.  Both these products will need to be reapplied every 8 weeks or so. – 5% discount code ‘dw5’ – free postage to N. Ireland

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