How To Care For Leather

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How To Care For Leather

M5 Leather Interior


Leather upholstery like everything else gets dirty, it also suffers from dye transfer from jeans, scratches on it tend to be more visible and the air con will dry it out and make it crack.  So with all this said how do you clean and care for your leather interior and keep it healthy and looking great?

Understanding Leather

Modern leather tanning techniques have greatly improved the speed at which we can produce leather goods but the smell is gone.  Your new car which you specked with a leather interior smells just like any other new car.  Plus if you scratch the leather you will find that the colour does not go all the way through the hide.  The factory process is basically to spray the colour on the tanned hide then spray on a lacquer on top in much the same way as they paint the exterior.

Factors effecting the leather or making it dirty are due to us driving the car.  Dust and dirt getting into the car when the door is opened or coming in on our clothes, oils from our skin can also be harmful, and dye transfer from our clothing all add up.  Also wear from the seat belt and on the bolsters from people getting in and out, these are areas that tend to get more abuse and may need a bit more of a clean than others.

You should aim to clean and condition your leather 2 or 3 times a year to keep it looking its best.

M5 Leather Interior PassionDetailing

N.B. Never use household detergents, soap, shoe dubbin, beeswax, polishes or leather conditioners that tell you to polish the residue of, as this means it hasn’t soaked in and is sitting on top and will attract dust and dirt.

How to Safely Clean Leather

Ok so what should you use?  I use a few products from dodo, glyptone and LTT.  If the leather is really dirty I go with the dodo supernatural cleaner otherwise it’s LTT leather cleaner.  The dodo product is expensive but very good, LTT is adequate to tackle the rest.  Then if you are wondering about glyptone they make a product called ‘Leather Conditioner’ this conditions and leaves the smell of the leather behind.

So now you know how it gets dirty and what products to use let’s talk about how to clean the leather.  You should clean it one section at a time, if it is very dirty use a soft leather cleaning brush to work the cleaner in before wiping it off.  After you have cleaned it you can now use a small amount of conditioner to keep the leather soft and smelling nice.  Glyptone also sell leather air fresheners so that will save you the bother of hiding your grandfather’s old briefcase under the back seat!

So go ahead and get your leather upholstery cleaned and looking like new again.  As always if you need any further information or advice on how to use any of these products or if you would like us to carry out and interior detail for you please get in touch.  Leather can also crack and wear resulting in it needing to be re coloured, these are both issues that can be corrected, call now for a quote we are a mobile detailing and valeting business based near Magherafelt N Ireland and are always happy to help.

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