Gtechniq Protection Detail


Gtechniq Protection Detail

Time taken | 10 – 20 hours

Please note that the Gtechniq Protection Detail is an extra add-on to any of our detailing packages

Our premium protection detail, this will outlast any other protection you may have used (and offers vastly superior value for money over any 'dealership' coatings). GTechniq coatings will safeguard the treated surface for a very long period of time, beyond 18 months on customer cars. We know how to apply them correctly for the best possible results.

With our GTechniq Protection Detail package you not only get outstanding gloss and colour, you also get incredibly low maintenance smart surfaces that require cleaning less often and with much less effort. With the right aftercare (which we can also advise and supply), GTechniq protection will last from months to years.

- Paintwork cleansed and clayed to remove all surface contaminants and waxes
- Alloy wheels, wheel arches, door, bonnet and boot shuts deep cleansed
- Alloy wheels deep cleansed inside and out, completely sealed with C5 Wheel Armour
- Paintwork coated with C1 followed with 2 coats EXO V2
- All exterior trim treated using C4 Permanent Trim Restorer
- Glass coated with G1 ClearVision Smart Glass
- Carpets vacuumed, interior trim cleaned and coated with C6 Natural Trim
- Fabric seats and carpets coated with I1 Smart Fabric to repel staining and spilt liquids
- Leather seats coated with L1 Leather Guard to prevent surface staining from dark coloured materials e.g. jeans
- Tyres dressed with T1 Long Life Tyre Gel

Small: Prices from £375

Medium: Prices from £425

Large: Prices from £495

XL/4x4: Prices from £555

*10% deposit will be required on booking.

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