Panther Black Ford Focus


Time taken | 2 – 4 hours

This detail is undertaken between more intensive treatments to keep your vehicle looking sharp by toping up the exterior protection and to keep the interior clean. It allows us to offer an affordable service to people who desire to have a regularly cleaned car. This is a maintenance detail and is only applicable for vehicles already in good condition. The process is started by removing lose dirt and grime, the vehicle is then washed, door shuts and wheels cleaned. It is then dried and we apply either a high quality wax or sealant depending on your last treatment. The wheels and tyres are cleaned and dressed, exhaust tips polished, glass cleaned. The interior is vacuumed and all surfaces are cleaned and dressed.

- Wheels cleaned using alloy wheel cleaner
- All jams cleaned
- Wash using 2 bucket method then dried
- Sealant/wax applied
- Glass/mirrors cleaned
- Interior vacuumed
- Interior surfaces dusted

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