Classic Car Show Prep

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4th May 2018
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Classic Car Show Prep

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It’s that time of the year again where the classic car enthusiasts take out their pride and joy and let the rest of us have a look

at them as well.  Here in Mid Ulster our local show is on tomorrow in Springhill House in Moneymore.  Classic cars can be slightly more tricky to look after than modern cars owing to the age of the car obviously, but also due to the fact that they may have had some paint work in the past that you need to be aware of.

The paint on older cars does not have a clear coat finish, it’s single stage lead based paint.  Meaning that the paint system consists of a primer and a colour coat, more than likely the car will have had some areas touched up in the past so you need to be wary of this and check each panel as the paint may be different and the paint correction that worked for one panel may not work on the next.  The next major thing is to be very careful taping up edges and especially removing the tape.  Normal procedures apply here for removing but owing to the age of the paint it will be easier to damage it as it will be brittle and the tape may pull some away with it.

Interior care is similar to new cars but classics can suffer from a bit of a musty smell as they tend not to be used all year round and spend their time in a garage.  Leather in classic cars was tanned differently to modern leather but it can crack and deteriorate as it gets older so it needs to be looked after cleaned and cared for.  If your leather is showing age related wear it can be dyed and restored again.Ferrari 250

Detailing the engine bay presents its own challenges, if you are going to detail the engine on a classic be very careful as there are a lot of exposed electrics that don’t like water.  Cover everything in plastic bags with elastic bands and tin foil.  Don’t use a garden hose as there will be too much water, instead use spray bottles or better still a steamer.

Good luck with this year’s classic show season I enjoy looking at the old cars bikes and tractors I hope to see you out and about with your pride and joy.  If you need any help or advice or would like your detailing taken care of please get in touch via phone or email, the details are at the top of the page, or complete the contact form and I will get back to you.

Passion Detailing is a mobile car detailing business based in Magherafelt covering the Mid Ulster area of N. Ireland.

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