6th April 2018
car wash

Safe Wash Technique

How to wash and dry a car properly Are you washing your car properly or are you just damaging the paint?  The fine spider web like scratches that you can […]
23rd March 2018
alloy wheel

How to detail wheels and tires

I’m sure you have noticed brake dust on your allow wheels it looks bad and if you allow it to stay there it will eat into the coating and pit […]
15th December 2017

Orange Peel

Have you ever looked at a car and thought that paint looks glossy, then only when you catch a reflection of a straight edge you notice there are more craters […]
7th December 2017
Ferrari 250

How To Care For Your Car’s Paint

What are the best paint protection products to ‘wash and wax’ your car with?  I’m going to try and point you in the right direction as regards quality affordable products. […]
30th November 2017

The Best Car Wax

I don’t use wax anymore as I believe there are better alternatives out there now for paint protection.  But let’s look at car wax, how it’s made, what it does, […]
23rd November 2017
Panther black Ford Focus

A Good Cheap Detail

Intro Good and cheap details don’t exist they are two different things, the detail is either good or it’s cheap.  It all depends on your point of view and what […]
15th November 2017

What is Car Detailing

Intro Car detailing has been about for as long as cars have been here, but what is it and what goes into detailing?  I’m going to try and shed some […]
9th November 2017

The Best Polish

Intro People often ask “what is the best polish to use” or “what type of polish do you use”?  To be honest I think they are asking the wrong questions […]
2nd November 2017
Ford Focus with ceramic coating

Detailing Q & A

Intro All the detailing questions you have ever wanted to ask but were too frightened too!  Well possibly not but I’m going to list a few common detailing questions I […]
27th October 2017
Snow plough

Winter Protection

Introduction Winter comes around every year bringing with it cold wet weather resulting in poor visibility, dark evenings, rain and spray from other vehicles.  Our paint also has to contend […]
20th October 2017
Mini with contamination

Paint Contamination and how to Remove it

Introduction How do I decontaminate paint, what is paint contamination and where does it come from?  These are some of the questions I’m going to answer and hopefully a couple […]
13th October 2017
Panther black Ford Focus

Daily Weekly Monthly Car Care Tasks

Introduction We all lead busy lives and like our leisure and family time to be quality time some people may have less free time than others due to work and […]